December 12, 2010

Web Shui for Your Social Media Buttons

Social Follow ButtonAs feng shui is the art of placement, web shui is the art of placement in terms of your web design; or so the Internet has unofficially coined the term as such.  While the layout and usability of your website are critical to your visitor conversion success rate, the placement of your social media buttons (in particular your SocialFollow button) is going to have a direct effect on the success of your social media marketing campaign. 

It is no secret that the more you spread yourself across the World Wide Web, the more exposure you will get.  All this is generally to the end of getting more traffic or conversions, depending on the function and purpose of your web identity.  Social networking has become the most common platform for addressing potential visitors directly and has proven to be an extraordinarily effective marketing strategy.  Making yourself easily accessible on a variety of social networking platforms should then be on your web design and even your blog design must have lists.

The SocialFollow button has made putting all your social media buttons in one location a snap already, but the placement of your SocialFollow button will deliver even more exposure and show how much you value social relationships if placed properly.  Hence, the web shui.

There is a theory in conversions that the bigger the button, the more action it will receive.  While this is true of call to action buttons that actually create conversions and sales, the rule doesn’t always apply to your social media buttons.  The truth is, your social media button is not going to take someone to your shopping cart and for this reason it should not be treated like a call to action button.  Social media buttons are means for establishing lasting relationships with your visitors, beyond sales and conversions. 

You don’t need gigantic banner sized social media buttons, but the placement of your social media button is important.  Just like call to action buttons, you will want your social media button to stand out from the surrounding content and you want it to be recognizable.  Liberal use of whitespace is going to add to the use of your button.  Placing your social media button in different areas on your website or blog is going to allow people to make their decision to follow you on a social platform at any point in their visit to your website. 

Great web shui for your social media button placement include putting your Follow Me button in the upper fold of your web pages, or in the upper to middle regions of your sidebar and including it at the end of your blog posts.  Why at the end? Usually a reader will decide they want to stick with you AFTER they have read what you have to say.  Another great spot is to include your social media button with your newsletter conversion box as people who sign up for your newsletter may find following your updates via Twitter and Facebook more appealing than emails.

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