November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks Every Day in Your Social Circles

Yesterday, at least here in the U.S., most households were busy cooking and preparing Thanksgiving meals to come together with family and friends and give Thanks for the amazing lives we have all been blessed with.  About one week prior to that, businesses and bloggers across the land began planning their own ways of showing thanks to all their loyal customers, readers and fans.  While Thanksgiving is a great time for saying that elusive Thank You that often gets lost in our online conversations, perhaps it is a good time to reflect on why you should be giving thanks everyday to the people in your social media circles.

Let’s take examples from our Thanksgiving traditions and apply them to our everyday interactions with our online audience.  For starters, try putting your differences aside and remind yourself to be thankful for the ability to tap into the mind of those who may not always agree with you.  Social networking and social media has given everyone a voice.  It has given power back to the spoken and written word and it is the voice of the people that governs in the social world.  Be thankful each day for those that keep us in balance and challenge us to be more transparent, more engaged and more human. 

When gathering with close family and friends for a Thanksgiving celebration, we let down our masks and we are real.  This should carry forward in your everyday interactions in social networks.  Be authentic.  Be who you are at the family dinner table every time your fingers hit the keypad to type a message.  I should picture you in your fluffy bunny slippers if that is what you like to wear when you are writing your blog or compiling your tweet.  Show who you really are and your audience will show you many thanks.

As kids return home from college and daughters wandering the globe find their way back to the smell of turkey and stuffing (or lobster and corn-whatever scent draws you home), parents and relatives shower them in words of praise and interest in what has been happening in the last months or years.  You can use this same approach with your online family by telling them just how awesome they are and how much they have done for you, their community and themselves.  Highlight each follower’s strengths.  Share those stories that inspire you.  Be thankful and praise each day the great worthy and inspiring activities that your online community achieve. 

One final way to bring Thanksgiving Day thanks into your every day social media marketing is to give of yourself without looking for thanks.  That’s right.  Give selflessly to your online community.  Whether you want to give away a service or product or offer an outstanding, unbelievable discount to your faithful followers with a special note that says clearly says Thanks.  Without your social following, you likely wouldn’t have as much to be thankful for yourself. 

Everyone at SocialFollow and Studio98 would like to say Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You to all of our readers, followers and especially our button subscribers who have helped us spread the word about our free Social Follow button and make it a huge success.  Wondering how to stay connected to everyone that visits your website or blog? Add the Social Follow button from Studio98.  With the FollowUs button you can maintain your brand without all the bling.  Your website should be a place for your business, not a banner for social networking circles, the SocialFollow button keeps all your social networks in one pretty little holiday package!

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