November 7, 2011

Social Media Marketing aka Social Media Content Marketing

A lot of people know on some level that they should be using Facebook and Twitter to promote their business website, but just as many of those people have no clue how to promote their business on these mediums.  There is general corporate and small business confusion over the use of social media marketing platforms for business and this confusion needs to be dispelled before you’ll find social media marketing success.

A lot of people start their Twitter and Facebook adventures by posting links to their products and services thinking that this is the best way to get people interested in their business.  Many even search the social networking platforms for people talking about their product, services and brand and contacting them directly with information and links back to their website.  But is this really what your customers are looking for? Were they asking for your feedback on your own brand or were they looking for the opinions of their connections on your business or brand?

In the end, a lot of businesses end up doing more spamming than promoting on social media networks and this is where many of those same businesses start to feel that their social media marketing plan isn’t living up to all the hype.  Where many people are misguided is when they are first told that they should be using social networking platforms to promote their content, but they don’t have a clear understanding of what content they should actually be promoting. 

Content is still the king of the web, but only the most engaging and interesting content rules the kingdom.  The first question you need to ask yourself about your content is if it is a worthwhile read.  Did you provide information that will help someone make a decision or provide them with much needed information or did you spend 500 words of content talking only about your great product or service and what makes it so great and why you priced it as you did? Have all of your posts followed this self-promotional and salesy/spammy trend?

When making a lasting impression and an impression that keeps on impressing for days as it makes it way around the web, you need to have content that goes beyond you and your business.  You need great content that is about your industry, not just your business.  You want to share content that is funny, catching, inspiring, something, anything, but not promotional ALL of the time.  Promotional content does have its place for new product and service announcements and even to share customer success stories or fun and crazy adventures within your business, but the content that will go the distance will be the words that have no promotional value at all.  A true good read. 

Before you invest in someone to manage your social media accounts, consider hiring a good copywriter to make your social media worth managing.  Another great way to build better connections on social networking platforms is to make it easy for your website visitors to find you on the network they are part of.  Show off your social accounts without losing your brand by using the Follow Us button from SocialFollow from Studio98; all your social network connections in one low-key button that doesn’t take away from your website branding.

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