December 18, 2011

Did Your Social Media Marketing Join in the Holiday Fun?

holiday social networkingIf you are an online retailer, there is no doubt that come the holidays, you barely have time to twitter and post between packing, shipping and hopefully, updating out of stock notices on your website.  However, it isn’t just online retailers that get a traffic boast come the holiday season and every website owner should check to be sure they add a little Holiday spirit to their image, especially their online social networking profiles.

If you haven’t already, you have at least one week left to seasonally brand your logo or online profile image.  That’s right people, break out the elf hats and fire up the menorah and get a holiday image out on the web that still allows your branding to shine, but keeps a hint of holiday cheer behind your imagery.   It is not just about your profile image either.  On Facebook, you can update your photo strip with pictures from the office holiday party or the decorations found in your neighborhood and you can change your twitter background to be one that adds just a bit more festivity to your visitor’s day.

One major gaffe of the holiday social media marketing season is the overly self-promotional posts.  This is a big problem with ecommerce stores.  You have to keep the good content rolling even during the holidays.  If all you are tweeting and posting are reminders and links to your sales and promotions people are going to get the feeling you are as greedy as Mr. Scrooge.  If you can’t think of something good to write, ponder some of the biggest challenges of the holiday season and how you can help your readers, fans and friends overcome them.  Tips on shopping on a budget and when a gift card is the best possible gift for the hard to gift person are great ways to show your loyal customers that you care more about them than about your bottom line.  It is the holiday season after all.

One really funny thing to note about the winter holidays is the weather.  Talking about the weather can be seem so cliché, but asking people to send your Florida business pictures of snow is a great way to branch out your social networking circles and getting to enjoy the wonders of a winter wonderland as well.  Or the opposite could be true, if you are trapped in snowy North Dakota for the winter season, perhaps you’d like to see some sandy beaches on first day of winter.  Either way, talking about the weather at a time when the weather everywhere is different, is a great way to expand your circles and reach out to your fan base and demonstrate that you care about what life is like in their world.

Whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate is as important as celebrating the season itself.  This doesn’t mean you have to promote your brand and jump on the corporate band wagon that ruins Charlie Brown’s Christmas more than once.  It just means that you have another opportunity to add a new layer of transparency to your business and share what’s important to your clients during the holiday season.

When it comes to connecting your holiday spirit with those of your fans, people need to know where to find you.  With the free SocialFollow button you can link to all your holiday online networks in one convenient button and visitors can find you on the network they like to share.  Happy Holidays-Eat, Drink and Be Social!

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3 Responses to “Did Your Social Media Marketing Join in the Holiday Fun?”

  1. Very good article, you gave me great ideas which will accomplish now for my brand! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I have just been watching a video of animals singing Christmas carols. It has had 4 800 000 in one day.
    It had no commercial value, but those are impressive numbers. A bit of fun in your social media content can do a lot of good.

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