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books and stuff. Cheap.

Full Name: Ecampus
City: Lexington
State/Province: Kentucky
Country: United States of America

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The Circle of Complacency: Why Dating is Disappearing

May 21st, 2015 by Samuel Farmer
Chivalry vs. Hookup Culture The concept of chivalry is one that people used to abide by, one that was commonplace, and one that was treated almost as the ordinary. In today’s day and age, chivalry seems to be swept under the rug. It has been replaced by a fast paced hookup culture that ignores traditional dating customs and instead puts importance on quickly getting into the bedroom [...]

Neon Accessories. 3 Looks to Love.

May 5th, 2015 by Tessie Bertrams
One of the best recent fashion trends has been bringing back neon. When added subtly to your outfit they are the perfect summer pop of color. However, overdoing neon can really cheapen your outfit.  Let’s go over 3 ways to tastefully rock neon accessories this summer. 1. The neon bag with a neutral colored outfit The neon bag with a neutral colored outfit gives your outfit an edge without going overboard [...]

Books To Read In 2015

April 28th, 2015 by Mary York
We know you’re busy writing essays, taking final exams and dreaming about summer break but if you get a craving for a good book, check out some of these popular titles that you need to read in 2015! Paper Towns by John Green Written by popular young adult author John Green, Paper Towns is the story of Quentin who has loved Margo since elementary school [...]

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