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books and stuff. Cheap.

Full Name: Ecampus
City: Lexington
State/Province: Kentucky
Country: United States of America

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Blog Updates

Bucket List for Summer of 2015

June 29th, 2015 by Tori Leggett
School’s out, it’s hot and you’re free. Wondering what to do with your summer? This is a bucket list of ideas for summer of 2015. The Fair/ an Amusement Park Throughout the summer a lot of towns have county and state fairs and most states have at least one amusement park. Either one would be a good opportunity to have a large group of friends go and enjoy [...]

Dating Someone Immature vs. Mature

June 24th, 2015 by Samuel Farmer
Finding someone who you are compatible with is hard enough, but in today’s society it is often more important to find someone who is closer in emotional age rather than physical years. When analyzing someone’s age, many people focus purely on physical age. However, physical years are often not as important as the emotional age of a person [...]

80’s Movies That Should Not Be Remade

June 15th, 2015 by Tori Leggett
Lots of movies are being remade, or rethought; whether the remakes are pale in comparison or surpass the special effects, there are some classic movies that should never be remade in my opinion. This is a list of 80’s movies that should not remade. If you have not seen any of these movies you should definitely add them to your rainy day movie list! The Breakfast Club This is one of those movies that you watch, and you’re like wow, that was pretty cool [...]

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